Q9 Markets: Ready Layer One

  • Crypto regains $2tn total market cap
  • Institutional demand for crypto is surging
  • Layer-1 protocols post double digit weekly gains
Source: Financial Times
Source: Coin98 Analytics
  • Global markets saw a risk on week, Oil futures rallied +8.8% and SPX rose +1.3% week on week.
  • 10 year US treasury yields rose 22bps. US Dollar index rose +0.4%.
  • Gold & Silver index rallied +3.1%.
  • BTC & ETH rallied posting gains of 7.3% & 10.4% respectively. The total market cap of crypto market was just shy of $2tln mark and Bitcoin dominance hovered around 42% during last week.
  • Among other majors BCH & EOS rose +23.5% & +21.6% respectively from last week levels, among metaverse coins AXS saw a standout +39.7% rally.
  • Annualized realised volatility in crypto markets saw a mild contraction vs previous week levels, 66% for BTC and 80% for ETH mostly due to the one way direction of the market.
  • Client pad was aggressively bid up (32x buyers vs seller) but on muted volumes during last week
  • Buyers in ETH and LINK with a two way flow on BTC
  • Mild selling activity in SUSHI



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