Q9 Markets: Patience + Time

  • Markets rebound after Black Friday Sale
  • ETH, SOL, UNI, BAT outperform
  • VC’s allocate more crypto in 2021 than last 10 years combined
Source: TradingView
Source: Glassnode
Source: The Block Crypto
Source: Pitchbook and New York Times
A plot of land in video game Axie Infinity recently sold for $2.3 million
  • BTC/USD drifted -1.4% lower while ETH/USD rose +5.5%. The total market cap of the crypto universe flirted with the $2.6tln mark while Bitcoin’s dominance dropped below 41%.
  • SOL/USD jumped 13.4% and BAT/USD continued to move on and upward trajectory posting +20.1% in gains
  • Annualised volatility spiked, rising to 80% for BTC and 102% for ETH
  • Client pad was skewed towards buying (1.5x buyers vs sellers) on a tad muted volumes
  • Buyers in BTC and ETH on modest volumes
  • Two way flow on SOL as it continued to get interest from clients



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