Q9 Markets: Going for Gold

  • Olympic lift for crypto markets
  • Positive sentiment returns in a number of indicators
  • BTC regains its title from the S&P 500 and Gold
  • Exposure to hedge funds and other investment vehicles that lack transparency
  • Risks to banks
  • Unique threats posed by stablecoins
  • Use in cyberattacks that can disrupt the financial system
  • Risks from decentralized finance
  • A bipartisan infrastructure bill in Congress proposes to raise $28 billion from crypto investors by applying new information reporting requirements to exchanges and other parties. Any broker that transfers any digital assets would need to file a return under a modified information reporting regime.
  • Robinhood shares stumbled out of the gate on Thursday, falling dramatically in a market debut that revealed lackluster investor demand for the popular app that brought fee-free trading to millions of Americans.
  • Binance is looking for someone with a strong regulatory background to become its new chief executive, the current chief executive Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said at a press conference Tuesday. The company has recently been lashed by a series of regulatory actions across a number of jurisdictions.
  • Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that would offer exposure to public companies in decentralized finance and blockchain around the globe.
  • Global payments platform PayPal is looking towards the United Kingdom as the next market in which to expand its crypto trading services. According to the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, PayPal has done very well out of crypto trading for the period
  • Bank of America (BofA) called central bank digital currencies “a much more effective payment system than cash”. The report comes amid surging interest among central banks. A May report by the blockchain infrastructure platform Bison Trails found that about 80% of central banks are exploring use cases involving CBDCs, with 40% already testing proof-of-concept programs.
  • A new report shows that approximately 43% of Singaporean citizens hold some cryptocurrency.
  • BTC/USD rallied 23.8% and ETH/USD climbed +17.6%. The total market cap of the crypto universe is just shy of $1.6tln and Bitcoins dominance crossed 47% during last week
  • Among other majors BCH/USD rose +21.6% and, among large cap DeFi names, LINK rallied +20.3%
  • Annualised volatility dropped in crypto markets to 22% for BTC and 45% for ETH
  • Two-way activity on our client pad slightly better to buy (1.3X buyers vs sellers) with an uptick in volumes during last week
  • Net buyers in ETH and even sided flow on BTC
  • Net sellers in LINK and LTC on mild volumes




Buy, sell, and store digital assets with ease. Invest with the trust of an established financial services provider with 40 years of group history.

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Q9 Capital

Q9 Capital

Buy, sell, and store digital assets with ease. Invest with the trust of an established financial services provider with 40 years of group history.

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