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  • Sentiment turning positive, July best month since Oct ‘21
  • Ethereum open interest rockets, put/call ratio falls
  • Thousands of Solana wallets hacked
  • Non-Ethereum NFT projects take a leg-up in Q2: Fundraising totals for non-ethereum ecosystem NFT projects outpaced Ethereum ecosystem NFT projects in Q2 2022 by a margin of $1.8bn
  • The gaming NFT vertical stands in a class of its own: The gaming NFT vertical raised more than four times as much capital as any other NFT vertical in H1
  • DeFi ended H1 on a strong note: Raising $624mn in the month of June, more than two times as much as any month in the past six months
  • DAO participation continues to concentrate in early-stage rounds: Of all funding rounds that included DAO participation, 71% were at the at the seed stage
  • CeFi remains king of capital: Reigning in $10.3bn in the first six months of the year, with almost half of all funding rounds totaling more than $10mn



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