Q9 Markets: Crime and Punishment

  • Ukraine invasion sees investor flight to safety
  • Crypto falls alongside equities
  • How can Russia use crypto to evade sanctions?
Vitalik Buterin on Twitter
  1. Crypto
  • BTC/USD dropped -5.4% and ETH/USD fell -9.8%. The total market cap of crypto universe is just north of $1.7tln and Bitcoin’s dominance rose above 42%
  • SOL dropped -4.5% from last week’s levels. Among metaverse coins, GALA dropped -23.9%
  • Annualised volatility in crypto markets remained unchanged: 65% for BTC and 80% for ETH
  • Client pad skewed towards selling (2.2 x sellers vs buyers) on stronger volumes
  • Two-way flow in ETH and sellers in BTC & SOL
  • Mild buying activity in GALA



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