Q9 Markets: Banking on the Metaverse

  • EU votes not to ban PoW, Fed approves 1st interest rate hike
  • Aave rallies 34% on v3 launch
  • HSBC enters the metaverse, buys land in The Sandbox
Source: CNBC
  • BTC and ETH rallied posting gains of 3.8% and 7.9% respectively. The total market cap of crypto crossed $1.8tln and Bitcoin’s dominance stayed north of 42%
  • SOL advanced +6% from last week’s levels, AAVE was the outperformer this week among large cap DeFi names with a 30.8% rally
  • Annualized realised volatility in crypto was broadly unchanged vs the previous week: 66% for BTC and 81% for ETH
  • Client activity dominated by sellers (10x sellers vs buyers) but on muted volumes
  • Net sellers in BTC, ETH and SUSHI
  • Mild buying activity in SOL and AXS



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