Q9 Launches Industry’s First Integrated Crypto Performance Analytics

Industry’s first integrated crypto performance analytics

Equipping crypto investors with analytics, P&L, and data visualisations via a single platform

Hong Kong, May 4th 2022 Q9 Capital, a crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions, has launched the industry’s first integrated portfolio performance analytics solution to provide its clients with unparalleled clarity on their crypto wealth and investments.

The fully interactive digital front-end is built with powerful data visualisations and enables clients to view reports and dashboards that summarise performance, P&L, position data, and transaction history across multiple investment products and custodian solutions for the first time.

For most crypto investors, their exact profit and loss is either a mystery or they have to cobble together data in spreadsheets and manually calculate their performance without portfolio data visualisations. “With traditional asset investment platforms, the first thing you expect to see is how much money you’ve made” James Quinn, Managing Partner of Q9 explains, “however, most crypto exchanges don’t even provide any P&L information, meaning most people are investing blind.”

The unique, customer-centric solution is designed to provide vital information and transparency so that individuals, family offices, wealth managers and institutions have the intel they need to inform their crypto portfolio construction and monitoring processes. Clients can easily access their crypto wealth and investment data with one click via desktop or on-the-go via Q9s mobile app.

The first iteration includes a portfolio dashboard, key statistics, profit and loss, benchmarking, views across multiple and customisable timeframes, performance charts and data, drawdown figures, net deposits, and P&L by crypto asset. Total return data also includes profits made across multiple interest bearing and structured products such as Earn and Yield.

These new performance and benchmarking capabilities allow crypto investors to easily, and in real-time, evaluate their portfolio vs well known indices to determine if they are outperforming or underperforming the market, optimise their performance, and assess risks and exposures. Users can also track and analyse their portfolios using time-series graphs displaying the exact time they bought and sold crypto in the past, enabling them to assess whether their trading strategy is adding or subtracting alpha.

Q9 will continue to build out reporting functionality and launch additional attribution and risk analytics.

“We are looking to deliver value beyond just tables and charts” continues James Quinn, “we want to deliver tools that tell stories to our clients and how their investment strategy is helping with their financial goals.”

About Q9 Capital

Q9 Capital is a full-service crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions. We combine innovative products and personalised service to deliver a simple and safe solution for crypto investing. Our best in class products, performance analytics and systematic investment offerings provide investors with the tools they need to accumulate assets, maximize returns and generate income from their crypto investments.

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Buy, sell, and store digital assets with ease. Invest with the trust of an established financial services provider with 40 years of group history.

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Q9 Capital

Q9 Capital

Buy, sell, and store digital assets with ease. Invest with the trust of an established financial services provider with 40 years of group history.

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