New Interest

  • Bitcoin ends 5.3% down after a rollercoaster week
  • Solana witnesses 7th outage of 2022
  • Otherdeed mint sends ETH gas prices skyrocketing
Source: TradingView
Source: Bloomberg
Source: Jarvis Labs
Source: Messari
Source: CoinDesk
Source: OpenSea
Source: Twitter
  • BTC and ETH dropped -5.2% while ETH fell -2.4% this week. The total market cap of crypto dropped below $1.7tln and Bitcoin’s dominance rose above 41.5%
  • SOL dropped -10% this week, while CRV extended its gains with a +10.4% rally
  • Annualised realised volatility in markets continues to hover below 40% for BTC and ETH
  • US Equities (SPX) declined -3.3% largely driven by the sharp drop yesterday as markets priced concerns on the Fed’s ability to fight inflation
  • Oil futures rose over +3.5% on supply worries after the EU laid a plan for new sanctions against Russia on crude
  • 10-year US treasury yields jumped 23bps and the US Dollar index slipped -10 bps
  • Two way flow on client pad, slightly skewed towards buying (1.1x buyers vs sellers)
  • Flow dominated by buyers in ETH and sellers in BTC. Even sided flow on APE
  • Modest buyers of AVAX and EOS



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